Fortnite Rarest skins

Recon Expert

Recon Expert is the rarest skin in fortnite which costs 1200 vbucks. It came only once back in october 2017 and has never ever appeared. Back then the  Fortnite item shop was not even named item shop it was “Season shop” XD ….weired right?

A Recon Expert is just a info gatherer about the enemy size and the weapon heat they’re packin without getting noticed by the enemy team.


Renegade Raider

Renegade Raider is a very popular and highly desired skin.It came only in season 1 in the item shop.You had to reach level 20 before you could purchase from the shop which  costs 1500 vbucks. This skin stands out if you have it

Fortnite was lot less popular in season 1.So very least people have the Renegade Raider.(remember old planes? cabin..just goggles) That cute chick who dropped the bomb on you?…Yep that’s her!


Assault Trooper

Aerial assault trooper was the very 1st skin you’ll ever earn in fortnite.You had to reach level 15 to  buy it from the season shop for 1200 vbucks

Aerial assault trooper comes with a plane bomber helmet and a scaff to avoid dust

Ghoul trooper

Ghoul trooper is a very rare skin which was expected to return for the last holloween.This can be purchased  for 1500 vbucks.Comes with a Zombie outfit with shades(any other skins with sunglasses ?)

Tokyo Goul? or The cute girl from Zombieland movie? i’ll leave that to you guys in the comments

Skull Trooper

The Purple Skull Trooper:One of the most awesome skins and one of the rarest fortnite skins.Comes with a Skully outfit(covered with bones).Could be purchased for 1500 vucks form the item shop.

Yea, they released the skull trooper again but they gave only the OG’s the purple color customization .Nice move epic XD

Dark Knight

The Black Knight Comes with season 2 Max tier Battle pass.Comes with a Black Armour & The Rarest and The Coolest  Backbling (yes its necessary to highlight with capitals)Eyes of Pure darkness inside the black helmet.

There were no weekly challenges so people had to struggle for long so only the very dedicated players were able to get this.Respect for these players.

Codename E.L.F

One of the most good looking,handsom(no homo) skins.Codename ELF was last seen 497 days ago.Available in the itemshop for 1200 vbucks

What’s better than a elf hat and cool hairstyle jonsey?

Note:If you Encounter any of the above skins……..Run! But if you’re a pro…Hunt them down XD


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