Fortnite season 1 or OG’s season all skins,gliders and picaxes covered are below

Season 1

Assult Trooper(1200 vbucks)

Renegade's Revenge (1500 vbucks)

Recon Expert (1200 vbucks)

Renegade Raider(1500 vbucks)

OG Skull Trooper(1200 vbucks)

Arieal Assult One(500 vbucks)

Ghoul Trooper(1500 vbucks)

In Fortnite season 1 or the OG season baby.We have the rarest skin of fortnite is the Recon Expert for 1200 vbucks.This skin is so rare when it released the itemshop was called season shop 😛 .Honestly its a bad skin but this chick is the rarest of them all.Then comes the Renegade raider For 1500 vbucks but she comes with a rubber helmet with goggles resembles a female air bomber(although she is the actual bomb).Then there is the purple skull trooper people who used to see myth like me back in the days know the real deal(Johnny(reaper)=run,Skull trooper? Jump off the map XD) ,epic became a color discriminating R in the same skin so many sad people were born that day when the skull trooper was released again

If You Have any thoughts you want me to include anything about Fortnite season 1 comment below.


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