1. Tfue(Turner)
  2. Ninja
  3. TimTheTatman
  4. Tsm_daequan
  5. Ceeday
  6. Fearless



Tofu.God of Default Skin made is debut when he killed ninja in a 1 V 1 in a normal match.Ninja had a lot of viewers then,but tfue was very skilled but was a Underdog,Ninja was in his server by chance and tfue sniped his face in the end..Now the same guy ranks #1 in fortnite And his Twitch sub count is still far away than that of Ninja’s.He is a very skilled player,and still has a strong hold even though new pros/sweats come out

He’s Overall a chill dude .Gets triggered when someone emotes on him,Famous words used “Dogsh*t”,”bot”,”pe*n”.

He got his account banned and refused to buy any more skins.He used to T-bag every Galaxy skin player when he killed him and thus became a Default God XD

Now he buys skins when he challenged epic to remove all burst rifles in exchange for him buying skins



Ninja Old Vs New 

New Old Ninja was the best(period).THe god,the king,the warlord,the beast.You should checkout one of his montages.He was the guy with nuts,most toxic,entertainig .Nobody could ever touch him.


Unitl the transition :(where he fucked up)

Ninja made his stream family friendly.Yes his viewers increased…only the  kids started watching his stream. 

The reason we loved ninja was gone:The Entertainment,The toxicity,The Dance,the mockery and  mimicing other streamers.


And ninja thinks the only thing he has changed is he doesn’t  swear.Theres more to ninja than just swearing




And then there is the new ninja:


 New Ninja:

 Except the gaming entertainment he has got  none left.He went from being the most reputed streamer of all time to a lame celebrity.

No cursing,

No enjoyment 

No Entertainment

Gets streamsniped hard

Pros:He’s still a good gentleman and looks up to his wife 

      He’s a celebrity,still the greatest streamer in history,Yea F you Pwed you’re no streamer but a pus*y who cant even shoot in fortnite.

Cons:We miss the real ninja,who is and always will be in our hearts hope ligma memes kill the new ninja again and bring back the old one,the toxic,the godly guy back.

 This last picture proves why ninja does not like his current self









Tim The TaTman

If you have’nt seen Tim’s streams,you’re no fortnite player.

The funniest and entertaining streamer currently on Fortnite twitch.

Yea his gameplay is not as good as much as your daily sweats(go wash your armpits losers).Streaming is all about entertainment ,people watch streams to enjoy, not to watch you sweat.

Tim is one of the OG and oldest streamers Next to Opct, CDNthe3rd ,dakotaz/Darks.

He is a father now. watch his old dances with Dr.Disrespect https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t1j-VFFD_LU

Tsm Daequan

The Double Pump Master.The best on Stream unlimited fun .Checkout his twitch https://m.twitch.tv/tsm_daequan/profile


His stream is one of the best you could watch hi all day and not get bored.










 He’s currently ill so has taken a break from streaming.

Famous words: ” Come here boy”,”oogaboogabooga”

He’s done being in unhealthy relationships


Ceeday is one of the Coolest and top #1 content creator and meme maker of fortnite.

His edits and super entertaining and i’ve watched like 5 times every single video of his.

Ceeday is young and very talented youtuber and his memes never get old and he surprises me everytime with his new videos withoud constant uploads.

Smash Code Ceedayy!


Fearless is a cool and one of the best content creator.Better than ninja at least.

He’s awesome with all the background music.

To be honest….He’s a real sweat,He can shut Face Sway’s or Ghost aydan’s  ass …yea he’s that good even now in a public match.

Code :Fe4r


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